Renew Warehouse 13

New Episodes of Warehouse 13 are on Syfy tonight at 10. Watch it live! Much like Nikita it has a loyal but small following, unfortunately that’s not always enough to get it renewed. Tune in and check it out. Check out RenewWarehouse13 for more updates.

So I haven’t really called attention to any other shows on here, but Warehouse 13 is a good show. Much like Nikita, it is at risk of not being renewed. Check out the show and watch it live, those pesky Nielsen ratings aren’t the whole picture but the Networks are struggling to learn that.

Consider this Network folks. I saw Warehouse 13 first on Netflix. Loved it. Watched a number of mini-marathons of the first three seasons till I hit Season 4. Then I bought Warehouse 13 Season 4 on iTunes and I’ve been waiting to see new episodes on Syfy. If you release Blu-ray discs of the series I may buy those too. I’m sure those are drops in the bucket but I know I’m not alone (and do the commercials during the live show really influence me?)

Pick up other episodes of Warehouse 13 on after you watch it live Smilie: :-)Warehouse 13 – Sneak Peek [HD]

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