Nikita Season 3 Episode 20 – High-Value Target

Title: High-Value Target

Air Date: May 3, 2013

Synopsis: Michael, Nikita, Birkhoff, Alex, Sonya and Fletcher scramble to recover the black box before the President finds out the status of Division.

Flashback to a 2005 Mission: Oceanside. Michael is interviewing Nikita after she returned from what was to be a suicide mission. “How did it feel to take out the head of a major drug cartel?” After a moment in thought Nikita replies, “Good.”

The flashback was actually Sam (formerly known as Owen) showing a potential buyer the mission file from the black box. The drug cartel leader was the buyer’s brother. Sam hands Leonardo Santos, ABIN Director, a bidding phone that he’ll call later.

Division. Nikita approaches, through the still in shambles Ops, Birkhoff and Sonya who are not having any luck finding Amanda or Owen. Ryan still has a dismal outlook at the future of Division.

Elsewhere, Alex walks into the room where she shot Ryan. She stares at the spot where he fell.

Nikita reminds the others that they took down Percy when it was just the small group of them. Birkhoff points out at least they knew where Percy was. Michael tries to talk Nikita into considering other options, running, before the President finds out and sends in the SEALs.

“Speak for yourself sailor.” says Cyrus (Nikita Season 3 Episode 6 – Sideswipe) as he walks in surprising everyone. Nikita gives him a welcome hug. “I see why all my calls go straight to voicemail.” Birkhoff asks if he got the new identity package they sent. Cyrus replies, “I did but I got wind of some chatter you needed to know. Seemed like the right thing to do.” Birkhoff sees through his smug attitude, “He’s on the box too.” Cyrus knows there is a high-level auction about to go down for the black box in Toronto.

Dorsett Glen Hotel, Toronto, Canada. Sam invites another potential buyer to the auction. Karl Jaeger, German Intelligence. Sam convinces him to join with a quote from Nietzsche, “Sometimes the best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.”

Division. Cyrus is filling in the team on what he knows. The auction will happen in Toronto at the G20 Summit. The world’s twenty largest economies along with their intelligence and security chiefs all gathered in one spot. Ryan is frustrated, “How did I not see this?” Birkhoff replies, “Well you did just wake up from a comma.” Ryan wants to silent partner with one of the smaller bidders. Alex walks in and offers to use her Udinov trust money. Birkhoff asks, “Are you sure?” Alex replies, “If it will help get the black box, then yes. I owe it to you. I owe it to all of you.”

Michael and Nikita are getting their gear together. Nikita is still hopeful of getting Owen back but Michael reminds her that Sam is who he really is now. Nikita tells him, “If all anyone ever saw were the things I did for Division. They’d think I was a monster. If we can’t believe that people change then everything we’re fighting for is meaningless.”

Toronto. Sam walks into a hotel room. “Honey I’m home.” Amanda is chained to the bed. Sam tells her about getting the bidders interested. “Only one that needed a little coaxing was the German. Once I told him that quote you told me, he was all in.” She asks to be unchained but Sam isn’t ready to let her go yet.

Alex approaches the Turkish minister of internal affairs with her offer. Nikita and Michael are nearby. Back at Division, Cyrus says good bye to the team and starts to walk out. A SEAL team surrounds them before Cyrus can get out. Birkhoff turns on the speaker so the mission team can hear what’s happening.

The SEAL team secures the Cyrus, Fletcher, Birkhoff, and Sonya with zip ties in the center of Ops. Then they begin a sweep of the facility. Ryan tells him that they are the only ones left. The SEAL team leader shows Ryan a satellite photo revealing that they re-tasked a satellite after Danforth died. Ryan tries to explain that they have a mission in progress. But the SEALs don’t want to hear it. Nikita speaks to them to explain the situation with the black box and tells the solider to call the President to see what she says.

While they are waiting for word from the President Michael orders Alex to go ahead with her approach of the Turkish minister. He recognizes her as Alexandra Udinov. She sells him on the story that she wants access to the black box to confirm the black ops team that murdered her family.

Division. Some further urging from Ryan convinces the SEAL to call the President.

Toronto. G20 Summit. The President is already there and meets Nikita, announcing to everyone that “Susan” as an old student. Nikita advises President Spencer of the situation and asks for a pass into the reception. Nikita assures the President that the other agents that fled will keep a low profile. Spencer gets Nikita a guest pass and says good bye after agreeing to Nikita’s mission.

Sam is about to smother and “clean” Amanda but she talks him into waiting until after the auction in case something goes wrong. “That’s a good point, I’ll kill you after.” Sam walks out.

In the G20 reception. Nikita describes the scene for Ops as they have no visuals. Nikita watches the Russian, Chinese, and German bidders. Alex is still with the Turk. Nikita moves into the open to draw out Sam. Michael is waiting in the service corridor for Sam to try leaving. Ryan gets annoyed trying to explain things to the SEAL team leader. Birkhoff tells him to quit distracting them.

Santos recognizes Nikita as the assassin and orders his men after her. Sam spots Nikita and makes his way out. Nikita follows him. Sam finds himself in the corridor between Michael and Nikita. Before they can get very far with Sam, Santos and his men attack. Michael and Nikita make short work of Santos and his men. Michael asks, “Who is he?” Nikita replies, “I don’t know.” “Who’s his brother?” “No idea. I’m sure he deserved it.” Owen slips away into the reception.

Division. Ryan tells the SEALs to back off they can still complete the mission. Cyrus suggests to Birkhoff that they need another plan.

Michael lifted Sam’s room key. Nikita and Michael head to the Dorsett Glen Hotel. Alex keeps in eye on Sam. (Who Nikita continues to call Owen).

Alex talks to Sam. “How long did it take you to get over Emily?” Sam replies, “It wasn’t me. That was Owen.” Alex continues, “How long did it take him?” “He never did.” After seeing Alex’s pained expression, “You saying Pierce is dead?” Sam tries to give her a bit of pep-talk about shaking it off and moving on. “Owen couldn’t.” Then Alex offers him $200 million for the black box and Amanda. “No deal. I want to kill her myself. And the bidding is already higher than you are offering.” Sam starts to walk away. Alex tries to remind him that they all cared about Owen but he still walks away.

Division. Birkhoff gives Michael and Nikita the room number for Sam’s room. Then he decides to get in touch with some old hacker buddies. Alex watches the Turk drops his bidding phone in a drink. She tells Ops they better hurry because they didn’t win the auction. Apparently the Germans did. Ryan orders Alex to follow the Germans. Cyrus can’t believe the Germans had enough cash to beat China or the Russians.

Dorsett Glen Hotel. Room 616. Three men walk in. Amanda looks up, “Took you long enough.” “We got your message.” Nikita and Michael arrive in time to see them going down in the elevator with Amanda. Hotel security is fast approaching so Michael and Nikita duck into a room. Nikita looks at Michael, “Who are those guys?”

Security enters the room. They find Nikita and Michael in the shower. Michael looks at the guard, “Did my wife send you?” Nikita blurts out, “You’re married?!” After seeing the shackles still hanging from the bed posts the security guard makes a quick retreat.

Division. Nikita calls in to report Amanda was rescued by an unknown party. Nikita asks Birkhoff for some kind of tracking on Amanda. Birkhoff gets a response from hacker Akira. Through Akira he gets access to traffic cams and facial recognition.

G20 Summit. Alex sees the Germans retrieve the black box from the back of a SUV. Then the man shoots the other two men with him. Alex doesn’t make it in time to stop the SUV.

Division. Birkhoff has Amanda heading toward the harbor. Nikita and Michael are still in the hotel room waiting for security to clear out. She calls Sam on the bidding phone. Nikita asks Sam if he was surprised when the Germans won the auction. He admits he was a little. Nikita helps Sam realize that Amanda played him. Amanda used him to send a message to Jaeger. “And now she is on her way to a port to collect a prize you won for her. Congratulations Sam.” Nikita hangs up.

Harbor at night. Amanda and her new accomplices approach Jaeger. Amanda reveals that Jaeger was a contingency plan. Jaeger talks to her about joining their team as they await a helicopter.

The SEAL commander calls the President to say the mission failed. Ryan tries to tell them Nikita can still come through. Cyrus asks Birkhoff and Sonya about their plan. The SEALs turn on Division but Sonya initiates a Lock-down process allowing them to escape to a different room sealing doors after them.

Ryan compliments Sonya on the nice work. They can hear the SEALs blowing doors with explosives. Ryan calls Nikita to let her know the SEALs have executed their kill order and it won’t be long.

Harbor. Nikita and Michael’s arrival causes the helicopter to pull away before it can land. Jaeger and Amanda leave in a car while Michael and Nikita are pinned down by gunfire. Amanda orders the men to back off as she wants Nikita and Michael alive for their plan to work. (Some mysterious grand plan…Smilie: ;)

Sam cuts off Jaeger’s car then puts several shots through the windshield killing him. Jaeger’s body falls out of the car. Amanda manages to get the car in reverse and get away. Michael and Nikita approach on foot. Sam picks up the black box, stares at it for a moment, then drops it on the ground and shoots it. The last black box is destroyed.

Sam drives away as Nikita and Michael jog over and find the destroyed black box. Michael suggests maybe they haven’t lost Owen yet.

Division. The SEALs are getting closer. Ryan turns to the others, “I think it’s time for Plan B.” Nikita calls and sends a photo of the destroyed black box. Fletcher knows they need to get it in front of the President. Birkhoff gets some help from Akira to spam Toronto with the photo of the black box.

Toronto. G20 Summit. Everyone’s smartphones begin receiving the photo. A Secret Service agent shows the photo to President Spencer who is relieved.

Division. The SEALs blow down the last door to find Ryan standing there with a dead man’s switch in his hand. “Shoot and we all die.” He advises them of the charges the planted at key structural points under Division. “I read your file. You’re just a low level analyst.” Fletcher smiles a bit menacingly and slowly walks toward the SEAL, “A low level analyst? Right. A low level analyst was killed, resurrected, in a hole filled with criminals and murders. A low level analyst who’s gone up against the NSS, FBI, CIA. Ordered heads of state executed. Even kidnapped the President of Uzbekistan from inside the White House. All while living under the threat that someone like you would come in here and put a bullet in my head. So believe me when I tell you, Vasquez, that file you read is in desperate need of a revision.”

Birkhoff looks over at Sonya and takes her hand. Vasquez’s phone rings. Ryan says, “You’re gonna want to get that.” The President asks to speak to Fletcher. Spencer says, “As promised, you are free to go. Let’s hope you are right about the agents that ran.” She orders Vasquez to stand down.

Later. Birkhoff pops up some champagne to celebrate. He holds up his glass. “Division is dead baby.” Cyrus stops in to say good bye. He advises them of the company that sent the chopper to Amanda was Belfair. Birkhoff drops his glass. The others quickly see that Amanda is working with The Shop. Cyrus asks, “What’s The Shop?” Michael replies, “It’s Percys with pocket protectors. It’s bad.”

So Amanda and The Shop are together. Sounds scary. And Division is down to just the core team. Maybe it’s time to start recruiting again? Considering the President said they’re free to go will they contact her or just let the world bask in ignorance of the impending doom?

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