Renew Warehouse 13

New Episodes of Warehouse 13 are on Syfy tonight at 10. Watch it live! Much like Nikita it has a loyal but small following, unfortunately that’s not always enough to get it renewed. Tune in and check it out. Check out RenewWarehouse13 for more updates.

So I haven’t really called attention to any other shows on here, but Warehouse 13 is a good show. Much like Nikita, it is at risk of not being renewed. Check out the show and watch it live, those pesky Nielsen ratings aren’t the whole picture but the Networks are struggling to learn that.

Consider this Network folks. I saw Warehouse 13 first on Netflix. Loved it. Watched a number of mini-marathons of the first three seasons till I hit Season 4. Then I bought Warehouse 13 Season 4 on iTunes and I’ve been waiting to see new episodes on Syfy. If you release Blu-ray discs of the series I may buy those too. I’m sure those are drops in the bucket but I know I’m not alone (and do the commercials during the live show really influence me?)

Pick up other episodes of Warehouse 13 on after you watch it live Smilie: :-)Warehouse 13 – Sneak Peek [HD]

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 19 – Self-Destruct

Title: Self-Destruct

Air Date: April 26, 2013

Synopsis: Michael and Nikita sort through what’s left of Division and begin to plan for their next move. Alex is on her own mission and Nikita must bring her back to Division.

Nikita is running through the corridors of Division, she makes it to Ryan’s room in time to see he has just woke up from a coma. He smiles at her, “You miss me?”

Ops. Birkhoff, Michael, and Nikita are leading Ryan through the broken mess. Chairs and consoles strewn across the floor, ceiling tile and lights missing, the big wall of monitors mostly broken, and strangely empty of people.

They begin to fill in Fletcher on what he’s missed. Michael informs him the core systems are running but that’s about it. Sonya is working on piecing some things back together. Birkhoff states it will be weeks or months till he can rebuild Shadownet. Only fourteen agents stayed in Division (I believe an earlier number alluded to this season was a couple hundred) along with eight dead; including Sean Pierce. Nikita fills him in on Owen, now known as Sam, “You missed a lot.” And Sam having the black box and making a deal with Amanda to sell it. Ryan is still disturbed by Alex shooting him. Nikita tries to explain that Amanda manipulated Alex and she’s missing now because of losing Sean. Michael thinks that seeing what happened to Sean broke her.

Elsewhere on a street. Alex looks hurt and lost as she walks along remembering her time with Sean and his death. Looks like she is in a bad part of town with homeless and drug dealers. Alex is watching the drug deals. Does she want a fix or something else? She walks on.

Division. Nikita wants to go after Alex. Ryan is reluctant to see her go after Alex but Nikita insists and tells him that she doesn’t know what Amanda did to her either. Birkhoff tells the puzzled Ryan, “You missed a lot.”

Alex follows the drug dealers to a house and approaches one of them with some cash. They make a deal. When she asks for a place to be alone he offers her a room in the house. Alex goes inside but finds a couple guys waiting in the room he said was empty. The dealer follows her in. Alex looks scared.

Division. Sonya and Birkhoff are working on terminals in Birkhoff’s office. Sonya asks where he wanted to go, before the mutiny. Birkhoff says, “Not really. I guess, I figured when I left Division this time I wouldn’t be running.” Sonya talks about believing in Nikita when she came back and things seemed different. Birkhoff replies, “Nikita is good at inspiring stupid people to do really stupid things.” They both smile.

Night. Outside the drug house. Nikita sees a woman running out of the house screaming about some woman killing people. Nikita enters to look for Alex and finds the dealer bleeding from a wound. He tells her how the girl seemed all shaky but then attacked them and he gave her a list of their other places including HQ.

Alex drives up to a laundromat and makes her way past one guard to find a money laundering operation in the back room. The two men are eating Chinese food and don’t feel threatened by Alex who is now confident. She beats up both of them and takes the cash. On her way out she knocks the guard against the wall again, “Tell your friends I’m coming after them too.”

Still at the drug house. Nikita flashes back to six years ago when Michael pulled her off a suicide mission but she pleaded back on the mission even against Michael trying to talk her out of it. Nikita realizes Alex is likely on a suicide mission. She hears the police approaching but doesn’t make it out in time and she’s cornered by two officers.

Division. Michael is talking to Ryan about the importance of getting the black box back. President Spencer calls Ryan to update him on Danforth’s autopsy. (She doesn’t know any of the recent events.) Ryan looks at Michael, “Danforth’s autopsy?” “You missed a lot.” The President states it was natural causes. Michael whispers, “Actually, Amanda did it.” President Spencer lets him know she’s looking for Danforth’s replacement in a week.

Drug house. Nikita sees through the two detectives questioning her and realizes they are on the dealer’s payroll. After realizing they’re dirty cops she knocks one of them out and forces the other one to tell her where HQ is. He replies, “The Southsiders have taken over a whole city block. It’s like the wild west in there.” Nikita takes the detective with her.

Outside HQ. Alex bandages a knife wound on her leg then heads in.

Division. Ryan is standing in front of the nearly destroyed wall of monitors. Some still flashing around the bullet holes. He asks Michael, “Was there ever a contingency plan made for closing this facility?” Michael tells him about disconnecting the poison gas that Percy had. Ryan is concerned that the 308 rogue agents will appear on someone’s radar and the rest of them are screwed. Ryan sees the dire situation and compares Division to fish in a barrel. Michael reminds him if they run they will just be hunted down. Ryan starts to scheme a way to disappear without the Government being sure what happened. Michael asks, “And how would we do that?” “We destroy the facility. Permanently. Today. We blow it all to hell.”

Ryan tells his plan to Sonya and Birkhoff who suggests he get a CAT scan. Michael cautions against rash decisions. Sonya doesn’t think the agents who ran are like the original rogue agents who never came back. Birkhoff begins to see things Ryan’s way.

Outside Southsider’s HQ. Alex scales her way into a building. Nikita arrives outside with the detective and realizes Alex made the other attacks to lure more men away from HQ. “That is a smart move. Not a suicide mission. What are you doing?” Nikita coerces the detective into telling her how to get into HQ through a sewer tunnel. She pistol-whips him and goes after Alex.

Alex takes out a man in the stairwell. Then leads some girls from upstairs. Apparently, Amanda’s programming is still having an affect as she needs to save them.

Just as Nikita makes her way in she finds a over a dozen girls waiting. They tell her that Alex sent them down and gave them a bag of money. When they hear shooting they’re supposed to run. Nikita realizes Alex is still under Amanda’s programming. She promises to help the girls and goes in to find Alex.

Division. Birkhoff has a plan for placing explosives that will make Division inaccessible from the surface without heavy digging equipment that the Government will want to avoid. Ryan wants it to look like an accident. Michael states, “The only way a cover story works is if there’s someone left to tell it.” Michael wants to get back to their jobs. Ryan insists they’re too crippled to do their jobs. Birkhoff wants to save themselves. Michael replies, “Where are we going to go? If what’s on this box goes public, we’re not ghosts anymore. We are fugitives! In 26 countries including this one. Hell, I killed the President of Belarus and replaced him with a double. Nikita helped assassinate a North Korean cabinet member in front of the UN Assembly!. I am trying to save myself here, and all of you too.” Michael’s cell rings. It’s Nikita.

Nikita fills in Michael on what Alex is trying to do and asks for his help. Michael turns to Ryan. “Nikita needs backup. Don’t blow up anything till I get back here or I’ll hunt you down myself.”

Nikita has another flashback of talking to Amanda about getting back on the suicide mission in Barcelona.

Alex and Nikita run into each other. Alex tells Nikita, “I’m not the one who dies! Everyone around me dies, everyone but me. Rachel shot at me. She tried to kill me and instead Sean died. Just like Papa and Larissa and the girls in the brothel.” Nikita replies, “Alex, Larissa wasn’t real.” Alex is reluctant to believe her but as Nikita continues to tell her how Amanda manipulated her Alex begins to remember the procedure. Alex appears to snap out of Amanda’s mind game and asks Nikita if these girls are real. Nikita and Ales go to save the girls.

They fight their way past multiple dealers and gang members. The girls run out the doors ahead of Nikita and Alex who get pinned down by gunfire. They both check their clips, four and five bullets left, then look at each other. Outside the girls return and attack the gang members with clubs and stones. Nikita and Alex come through the doors killing several gang members who are still standing. Nikita and Alex watch the girls continue clubbing their former captors. Behind them a man pulls out an automatic rifle but before he can use it Michael crashes a car into him.

The fighting is over as Michael gives Nikita a hug and checks on Alex. Nikita thanks the girls for coming back. They thank her for freeing them.

Alex isn’t sure she can go back to Division. Nikita reassures her. Michael fills in Nikita on Ryan’s plan to blow up Division.

Division. Ryan, with Birkhoff and Sonya’s help, set up accounts and covers for the remaining agents and let them go. Birkhoff looks at Ryan. “I can not wait to blow this place off the map. I am so sick of being underground. Mikey’s going to kick your ass though.” Fletcher replies, “Don’t think he’ll get the chance.” Ryan plans to turn himself in to the President as the only survivor of Division. Birkhoff and Sonya don’t want him to risk it but he insists as he’s the one that convinced everyone to stay in Division. He admits, “Somewhere along the line I started to see the value of keeping Division running. I let myself fall under its spell.”

Flashback. Nikita talking with Amanda after she survived the suicide mission. Amanda cautions her about feeling guilty.

Michael, Nikita, and Alex arrive at Division. Michael lets the girls alone. Nikita tells Alex she needs to stop running and deal with her past. “As long as you are carrying around that guilt, that weapon will always be there.” Nikita encourages her, calling her a survivor. Alex says, “I don’t understand why I keep getting to live. Why me and not them?” Nikita tells Alex she had the same questions when Daniel died but she never found an answer.

Nikita and Alex walk into Ops. Michael follows Sonya, Birkhoff, and Ryan into Ops asking why they let the other agents go. Birkhoff says, “Technically you just said not to blow up anything while you were gone.” Ryan reminds Michael he’s still in command.

Alex apologizes to Ryan and the others. Ryan doesn’t like the idea of Alex being there but Nikita insists, “If we can’t trust Alex then we can’t trust me.” Birkhoff looks at Alex, “Did you send Chris to kill me?” Alex explains that she didn’t and she sent Owen to protect him. Birkhoff replies, “I guess it’s the thought that counts right? How’s the head?”

Ryan tells them that Birkhoff has placed the explosives and it is time to go their separate ways. Nikita states, “I’m not leaving. Not while the black box is out there.” Michael reminds them that it was only the six of them in a safe house that took down Percy (I’m not sure if Sonya was there). Nikita insists they stop playing Amanda’s game and fight her. “I don’t know if we’ll win, but I am ready to fight.”

Well now we are back to a core team against Amanda. Owen or Sam is still a wild card. What will President Spencer do when she finds out? And the apparently 308 agents that are back in society. Overall not a bad episode. Perhaps more time spent on Alex’s struggle with Amanda’s programming than was necessary. Nice work and it tied in with Nikita’s past so maybe it was the best way.

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Nikita Season 4 Rumors

So far the rumors point to a shortened final season 4, though I guess Silverstein has not confirmed a shortened season, for our Nikita. Apparently the CW Network likes to give shows closure when possible and we got lucky as season 3 was too far into production to allow a proper closure. So season 4 is reported to have 6-13 episodes.

I’m hoping for 13! Even better it could be followed up with a Season 5 Smilie: :-) It does appear that whatever happens we should get closure on the show. Hopefully the final season doesn’t disappoint like La Femme Nikita’s final shortened season.

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