La Femme Nikita Movie

A brief synopsis and comments on La Femme Nikita the movie that inspired the TV show by the same name. Anne Parillaud stars as Nikita, a junkie turned secret agent. The Blu Ray or DVD is available from as well as LFN Motion Picture Soundtrack.

The first episode of LFN is based on this movie, essentially encompassing everything through Nikita’s first test and struggle back to Section One.

Nikita is with a small gang when they break into a drugstore for a fix. The stoned and confused Nikita kills a cop before her arrest. She later stabs one with a pencil. Definitely more violent than our Nikita on LFN. After being imprisoned, one night she’s drugged and taken from her cell. She awakes flat on a simple bed in a featureless white room. Bob (significantly older than Roy Dupuis) gives her the choice of training for Section or…row 8 plot 30.

Nikita starts to become a little more cooperative and soon meets Amanda (much older than Alberta’s Madeline – more like Adrian). Section doubted her progress but Bob insisted she would make it. She trained for over three years before her first test. Bob took her on a date, before the meal arrived he handed her a package containing a gun and clip, then told her to kill her target and escape through the bathroom window.

Severely shaken, she did as ordered. But when she attempted to take the escape route she ran into a brick wall. Nikita had to fight her way back through the kitchen and eventually returned to Section furious at Bob. He informs her that it was all part of the test, to see if she could adapt. She passed.

Nikita lived outside Section and when a call came she reported to whatever location was given her. She got a boyfriend and struggled to keep the truth from him, but he eventually learned she was some type of secret agent. She had no choice but to leave him.

After several missions Nikita couldn’t take it anymore and ran from Section. Bob tracked her, and ultimately lied to Section that she was dead and body missing. He loved her, but knew it could never be and finally gave her freedom.

Thanks to Elisa for pointing out that I mistakenly used Michael and Madeline’s names (the TV show counterparts) instead of Bob and Amanda.

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