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La Femme Nikita: The Show

I was falsely accused of a hideous crime and sentenced to life in prison. One night I was taken from my cell to a place called 'Section One,' the most covert anti-terrorist group on the planet. Their ends are just, but their means are ruthless. If I don't play by their rules . . . I die. - Nikita

La Femme Nikita, starring Peta Wilson. Ran for five seasons totaling 96 episodes. La Femme Nikita was a welcome change from the predominantly male action shows when it first aired. Since that time we have more shows with prominent female roles, like Dark Angel. Peta is a stunning actress; with the looks and talent to really captivate an audience. As the show progressed through the seasons Roy Dupuis and the others have proven to make a very effective and fascinating cast.

The story lines continued to twist through each new episode with Nikita, Michael, and the other operatives taking on new missions; as well as advancing the relationships within Section One. In Season 3 we learned more about Michael but most of the other’s pasts were left a mystery. Season 4 was mostly in-Section struggle but did reveal more on the past of the operatives. Sadly, Seymour Birkoff is no longer with Section. However, Ferguson returned to the show as Seymour’s brother Jason.

Although LFN was handed its own cancellation order at the end of Season 4. With fan support and other details, La Femme Nikita recieved a stay of execution and lived on with 8 more episodes for a fifth and final season.

Section One Is:

  • Paul Wolfe, Operations: Eugene R Glazer
  • Madeline: Alberta Watson
  • Walter: Don Francks

Operations Madeline Walter

  • Michael Samuelle: Roy Dupuis
  • Nikita: Peta Wilson
  • Seymour / Jason Birkhoff: Matthew Ferguson

Michael Nikita Birkhoff

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