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La Femme Nikita: TV Soundtrack (CD) 1998 Price: $13.99

La Femme Nikita: Motion Picture Soundtrack (CD) 1991 Price: $12.99

Rob Zombie: Dragula from Sleeping With The Enemy

coolHardnox: Attitude from Time To Be Heroes

Sarah McLachlan: I Love You from Up The Rabbit Hole.



La Femme Nikita 1991 (VHS/DVD) The Luc Besson film starring Anne Parillaud that inspired the TV series by the same name. I’ve written a short review of the movie.

Point of No Return 1993 (VHS) $13.99 The American remake of La Femme Nikita, the movie that inspired the show.

Mercy featuring Peta Wilson (VHS or DVD) 2000.

Woman Undone (VHS) 1995. Peta is a receptionist.



La Femme Nikita X-Posed: The Unauthorized Biography of Peta Wilson and Her On-Screen Character by Ted Edwards (199Smilie: 8). Paperback – 189 pages

La Femme Peta: Unauthorized Biography of Peta Wilson by Dawn Connolly (2000). Paperback – 278 pgs.

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